About Richard L. Bowen & Associates

BIM and Technology

Richard L. Bowen + Associates Inc. was an early adopter of Building Information Modeling software (BIM). Our continued use of BIM software, such as AutoDesk’s Revit, means our designers are able to create “smart” drawings that automatically update when structural elements (such as windows or doors) are added, modified, or deleted during the design process. More design options may be considered in a shorter period of time than with a conventional CAD workflow.

Additional advantages of BIM include 3D visualization, less duplication of effort, better coordination between drawings and schedules across all disciplines, clash detection, and ability to integrate with daylighting and thermal/energy analysis software.

The firm also streamlines the project delivery process through the use of project information management (PIM) software. All project-related information can be easily cataloged, allowing us to electronically submit, review, and recall requests for information (RFIs), submittals (shop drawings), supplemental instructions to contractors (ASIs), and any other information that might be needed. Access privileges to the data can be configured to provide appropriate team members, including the client and sub-consultants, access to sensitive information while maintaining security where required.

Integrated within this project information management system are scheduling features which allow due dates to be established for time‐critical items. The system automatically sends reminders to those individuals who have been assigned responsibilities for different tasks and notifies the project management team when time-sensitive items are at risk of causing potential delays.