ODOT Warrensville (1/3) ODOT Warrensville (2/3) ODOT Warrensville (3/3)

Warrensville Heights, Ohio

48,000 sq. ft.



ODOT Warrensville Full Maintenance Facility

R. L. Bowen Construction Management, LLC (subsidiary of Richard L. Bowen & Associates) was selected by Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC) and Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) to perform design-build services for this new maintenance facility on a 17-acre site.
This project included functional areas containing, 10,800 SF. office / maintenance building including a wash bay, a 30,000 SF heated truck storage building, new cold storage building, a fabric covered material/guardrail storage building, re-fueling station with above ground fuel tanks, site grading, and parking and demolition of the existing office / truck building.
This project features a phased construction program. New buildings can be added to the site in locations that allow the existing buildings to remain operational throughout construction.