Barberton Middle School (1/2) Barberton Middle School (2/2)

Barberton, Ohio

161,700 sq. ft.

Construction Management

Barberton Middle School

This new building on a reclaimed urban site houses 1,154 students in grades 5 thru 8. The exterior fašade of the building is a combination of masonry materials that complement the adjacent Barberton City High School design. The new middle school features state of the art classrooms, computer labs, a media center, two gymnasiums and large exterior play fields and playground spaces.

The project required the demolition and abatement of a large housing complex prior to the start of construction. Streets and utilities required relocation. An accelerated schedule required that the team work through unfavorable weather conditions early in construction.

Constructability Reviews were performed at the Schematic Design, Design Development and Construction Document phases with proprietary analysis of the Construction Documents. Through constructability review it was determined that the unexplored brownfield site could present unnecessary risk, so additional geotechnical work was prescribed.