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Cleveland, Ohio

10,416 sq. ft.


Case Western Reserve University Alumni House

With 100,000+ alumni, Case Western Reserve University embarked on a plan to create a permanent place for its graduates to meet both socially and professionally. The University’s planners chose an existing historical house right in the heart of its campus. The brick home was originally built in 1911 and purchased by the University in 1953. In order to achieve the goal of providing a “home away from home” for its distinguished alumni, substantial renovations were necessary. Richard L. Bowen Associates (RLB+A) was selected to provide all architectural, civil, structural, plumbing and electrical design and engineering for the project and maintained ongoing involvement throughout the construction phase.

Design challenges for this project were numerous. No accurate drawings of the house existed, which meant that RLB+A had to measure everything by hand and transpose the information into AutoCAD format. In order to achieve modern ADA standards, a new 4‐story elevator, wheelchair ramp and ADA‐compliant restrooms were installed. Structural supports were added in strategic locations to handle the loads anticipated for the first‐floor reception area and to accommodate the new floor plan. Exterior renovations included the rehabilitation of brick masonry, rehabilitation of the slate roofing, all new landscaping and new site pavement.