Garfield K-8 (1/7) Garfield K-8 (2/7) Garfield K-8 (3/7) Garfield K-8 (4/7) Garfield K-8 (5/7) Garfield K-8 (6/7) Garfield K-8 (7/7)

Cleveland, Ohio

51,771 sq. ft.


Garfield K-8 School

This school was programmed to accommodate four hundred and twenty six students pre K-8th and staff. Pre K-5th are on one floor while 6th-8th are on the other floor of the two-story building. This is a traditional modeled school where curriculum is focused by grade level. The distribution of program spaces provides separation of the pre K/K-5 and the 6th-8th classroom areas, while dining, gymnasium, art, music, and media center spaces are shared.

A four-bus drop-off area is separated from the parent drop-off areas with barriers to prevent children from walking in between buses. Building entry for grades 1-8 is adjacent to the administrative area for visual security due to the fact that the site is bounded on the east by west 140th street which serves as a through street connecting I-90 and I-71.