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Cleveland, Ohio

260,000 sq. ft.


John Hay High School Renovation

The renovation of this historic school built in 1929 is significant due to its architectural beauty and proximity to such notable Cleveland landmarks as the Cleveland Art Museum, Severance Hall (home of the Cleveland Orchestra), Case Western Reserve University and The Cleveland Clinic. The structure underwent a comprehensive exterior and interior renovation. Exterior renovations included roof replacement and relocating the main entrance of the high school to the original historic front entrance. 375 original windows were replaced with thermal panes for energy efficiency. Mullions were attached to the exterior to preserve the historic appearance of the façade.

Special attention focused on several significant interior spaces to be fully restored, including the auditorium, cafeteria and main lobby. The entire lighting system was overhauled according to LEED guidelines and light sensors were installed that automatically turn off lights when rooms are vacated. The captivating 1,612 seat auditorium is one of the largest assembly halls in the city of Cleveland. The Bowen team restored the striking neoclassical interior to its’ original beauty. Wooden seats, which refracted sound, were replaced with inviting cloth seats.

The most impressive find were the windows in the side walls of the chamber, which had been covered during World War II as a precaution against potential enemy bombs. These were replaced with triple-pane windows.