Beachwood, Ohio

177,267 sq. ft.


Site Center Headquarters Expansion

This design/build project involved completion of an existing office campus with the final and largest of three buildings. The client’s goal was to maximize the square footage of office space as allowed by the site constraints. The structure is designed with the same materials as the existing two structures but with more prominent design features since it would be central to the completed office campus.

The interior of the building includes five floors of corporate office space including a lower level conference center. The lower-level includes a 150-seat stepped lecture hall with a fully networked video conferencing capacity. There is also a 3,600 SF training room that is dividable into three rooms, each includes network and video conferencing capacity. The other spaces include a 1,100 SF executive conference center, 4,000 SF fitness center with aerobic, cardio and weight training facilities and a 4,400 SF cafeteria with a full commercial-grade kitchen.

There is also an Executive Conference Center on the top floor, which includes network capabilities, video conferencing and an exterior terrace. All of the executive offices on the top floor include exterior terraces.