FBI Field Office Main Entrance (1/4) FBI Field Office Foyer (2/4) FBI Field Office (3/4) FBI Field Office (4/4)

Springfield, Illinois

112,657 sq. ft.


FBI Field Office

Richard L. Bowen + Associates' design of The Robert R. Hardesty Building integrates the building into the fabric of the surrounding community with an inviting curved granite wall and rotunda entry expressing the FBI’s purpose and identity, while being accessible to the public. In addition, we created an internal design that results in an efficient, effective state-of-the-art workplace. This building creates a focus at a critical intersection of the Park South area of Springfield, connecting two areas of office buildings with an attractive, distinctive design.

The position of the building with its large bay elements conveys a variety of vistas to all parts of the business park. Views of the adjacent buildings, man-made lakes, green spaces, and the newly constructed office buildings play a major role in expressing the growth concept in this part of Springfield, Illinois.

Placement of the garage under the building keeps it secure and covered, as well as allowing the building to enjoy a dignified, monumental presence on the site, since the garage remains virtually invisible. The visitor parking is in a prominent place, yet separate from the secured parking lot in front of the primary entrance in a dual configuration around the landscape.