IRS Regional Office - Springfield, IL (1/2) IRS Regional Office - Springfield, IL (1/2)

Springfield, Illinois

30,000 sq. ft.


Internal Revenue Service Regional Office

Project objectives were to successfully incorporate materials, design excellence, and craftsmanship to design a world-class federal building that exemplifies stability and longevity of the federal government. Another goal was to create a friendly and inviting building that would welcome the public and not intimidate. To achieve this, we utilized a traditional “Colonial” style of architecture and combined it with contemporary elements, such as window glass banding, accenting the structure for this one-story, single user building.

Interior work included complete build-out of space with a beautifully dramatic lobby entry. Site construction on four acres required great attention to architectural and civil engineering detail to comply with community requirements for inclusion of this project as part of a master-planned office and retail development.

By providing a raised access flooring system throughout the office building we were able to meet the IRS’ requirement for access to power and data while providing a cost savings by not using an under-slab means of routing these elements.