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Berea, Ohio

10,000 sq. ft. office
40,000 sq. ft. mfg.


NOSHOK World Headquarters

NOSHOK produces pressure gauges for all types of mechanical equipment. The design of the new facility incorporates a high-tech industrial look using unusual materials. Curved glass walls play against solid masonry to delineate between office and production. The second floor of offices looks down into the first creating opportunities for capturing natural light. Future growth can be accommodated in the overall 50,000-SF including the 10,000-SF devoted to the front office headquarters.

The landscaping for this facility continues the high quality design and materials with a man-made pond at the front of the building. This pond has precast modular block walls, with three feature fountains and creatively placed accent lighting. The use of curved elements on the interior is continued outside with the free-flowing pond, as well as a circular sitting area featuring stainless steel flagpoles.