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Parma, Ohio

123,000 sq. ft.

Construction Management

Parma Reservoir Rehabilitation

Richard L. Bowen + Associates (RLB+A) was commissioned to analyze the historic and physical condition of the Reservoir, a 23.8 million-gallon grass-roofed concrete holding tank covered with beautifully ornate masonry and stone walls. RLB+A prepared a detailed Design Memorandum, summarizing a thorough investigation of the existing building envelope, structure, drainage, and electrical conditions before proceeding with design and construction phases.

The Reservoir structure footprint is approximately 350’ x 350’ and rises to 33 feet in height. RLB+A conducted water quality tests and modeling simulations to determine the recommended flow configuration to achieve delivery of the freshest water possible. The building envelope restoration included roof replacement, masonry tuck-pointing and repair, removal of masonry lime deposits and destructive vegetation, power washing the interior of the reservoir, and removal of identified asbestos materials.

RLB+A performed architectural, structural engineering, electrical instrumentation, installation of large bore piping and construction management on this massive renovation project.