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Painesville, Ohio

17,400 sq. ft. addition
59,000 sq. ft. renovation


Lake County Courthouse Expansion

Richard L. Bowen + Associates developed programming and master planning services including administrative services, judicial interviews, analysis of the existing courthouse, development of a written program and space planning, site analysis and development of a project schedule and cost estimates.

The project includes interior renovation and an addition to the historic Lake County Courthouse building. The interior renovation focuses on the four general division judges’ suites, domestic relations department, and the law library within the present courthouse. The relocation of the Clerk of Courts and Bar Association offices to adjacent buildings has made room for the fourth general division judge, Domestic Relations expansion and a new state-of-the-art courtroom. The rear addition accommodates court suite expansions, new public restrooms on every floor, and secure transfer of inmates to and from courtrooms.

The assignment by the Lake County Commissioners was to be sympathetic to the original beauty and design integrity of the Courthouse, which was designed by notable Western Reserve architect J. Milton Dyer in 1907. Built in the Italianate style with Berea sandstone and red brick, the building use needed to be reviewed and documented and then updated to meet current court standards and HVAC, electrical and accessibility requirements.