Strongsville Police Station (1/8) Strongsville Police Station - Service Entrance (2/8) Strongsville Police Station - Clerk's Office (3/8) Strongsville Police Station (4/8) Strongsville Police Station - Detention Area (5/8) Strongsville Police Station - Target Range (6/8) Strongsville Police Station - Service Area (7/8) Strongsville Police Station (8/8)

Strongsville, Ohio

18,650 sq. ft. renovation
32,000 sq. ft. addition


Strongsville Police Station Expansion

Richard L. Bowen + Associates provided design services, including planning, design, specifications preparation and construction administration for an addition and renovation to the existing police station/jail facility. The new police station and jail facility houses a 24-bed, 12-day detention facility, dispatch area, administrative offices, conference and meeting areas, roll call area, evidence storage rooms, physical training facilities, shower and locker facilities, a vehicle storage facility, and a five-lane firing range.

This project also included complete renovation of the Council Chambers and Mayor’s Court, which are located in this building. A new main entry feature was added to the façade which interfaces with the public square green space, thus providing a strong sense of civic identity for the building which was previously lacking. Both the design of the building, as well as site layout and parking were carefully considered in order to be sensitive to the prominent location of this building in the heart of the city.