Cleveland's Third District Police Station (1/3) Cleveland's Third District Police Station (2/3) Cleveland's Third District Police Station (3/3)

Cleveland, Ohio

60,000 sq. ft.


LEED Silver Goal

2016 NAIOP Northeast Ohio Office Architecture Award of Excellence


Cleveland Third District Police Station

Bowen, in association with City Architecture, was selected to lead a team of architects and engineers to design a new, 21st Century, 3-story police district headquarters. The first and second floors house the police and contain a community room, exercise room, secure room, locker rooms and other police station core services. The second floor primarily houses offices, a filing room and conference rooms.

The third floor is comprised of a new 18,000 SF Police, Fire and EMS Communication Center planned to replace the existing facility located at the old Third District Police Station in downtown Cleveland. All major communication systems are routed through this room. Police, Fire and EMS supervisors and technical support staff have enclosed offices and can view the Call Center. Supervisors have an elevated platform and can view and assist with the call takers and dispatchers. The layout of the desks and consoles was developed through many work sessions with the supervisors and Police Administration and reflects how they plan to do business.