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National Program

2,500 - 6,100 sq. ft.


Speedway National Program

Since 2010, Bowen has served Speedway by providing architectural/engineering services for more than 400 gas dispensing store locations across over 10 states.

Our Services Include:
-New construction
-Site development/permit acquisitions
-Prototype Design

Most project designs are completed within 4 weeks from the client’s request for proposal. This quick turnaround allows Speedway’s project managers to issue the drawings for permit and begin construction. Bowen is on-call during the construction process to respond to AHJ comments or questions.

Prototype Design

The Speedway 6100 is the latest version of the Speedy Café. The 6100 version has the largest footprint, 6,100 SF, to date and offers a drive-thru window pick-up service. The 6100 Café offers multiple varieties of coffee, baked goods, soda fountain drinks and self-serve yogurt. The Café allows patrons to have food prepared while shopping for any convenience items typically found in a C-store. Finally, the 6100 store has been designed to offer fuel to both automobile and commercial vehicles in high traffic areas..