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Edgewood, Maryland

600,000 sq. ft. renovation
400,000 sq. ft. expansion


LEED Gold Certified

Kohl's E-Commerce Fulfillment Center

In order to facilitate its growing online presence and e-commerce operations, Kohl's selected Richard L. Bowen + Associates (RLB+A) to design 1,000,000 SF of space for use as an e-commerce fulfillment center. The project involved adaptive re-use of an existing 601,920 SF distribution center with a 398,400 SF addition. RLB+A performed architectural, civil and structural design. Extensive mechanical and electrical upgrades were performed by an engineering consultant.

Interior warehousing space was maximized by adding a four-level pick module system which provides nearly 100,000 SF of mezzanine space per level. RLB+A architects, engineers and engineering consultants worked closely with racking and conveyor system designers to ensure that inbound products from manufacturers are sorted quickly, moved efficiently to the pick-to-ship areas and finally shipped to the customer. Scope of work also included design of 50,000 SF of office space.