COTA McKinley Bus Station (1/9) COTA McKinley Bus Stop (2/9) COTA McKinley Driver Lounge Area (3/9) COTA McKinley Administrative Offices (4/9) COTA McKinley Training and Bus Wash Entry (5/9) COTA McKinley Bus Wash (6/9) COTA McKinley Driver Lounge Area (Patio) (7/9) COTA McKinley Foyer (8/9) COTA McKinley Maintenance Area (9/9)

Columbus, Ohio

390,000 sq. ft.


May 2016 (est.)

LEED Silver Goal

COTA McKinley Avenue Facility Renovations and Addition

Subsequent to Richard L. Bowen + Associates, Inc's assessment of the McKinley Avenue Facility, COTA hired RLB+A to implement renovations and additions. We have successfully converted their diesel fueling stations into the largest CNG facility in Ohio, and are currently updating and enhancing the site’s administrative facilities.

Renovations include:
  • Expansion/renovation to all of the existing employee and visitor parking lots
  • Construction of a new Transportation addition at the east end of the garage
  • Addition of drivers' areas, including a dayroom, offices, exercise areas and training facilities
  • Renovation of the second floor Administration areas, including a new IT Server Room
  • Addition of a new 3-lane bus wash facility
  • Expansion of the existing lobby into a new, larger space that will be more functional and more approachable to the public
  • New site landscaping
  • Upgrades to make the entire facility ADA compliant

The sustainability goal for the project is LEED Silver designation.