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Columbus, Ohio

390,000 sq. ft. Facility Upgrades
1,500 sq. ft. CNG Building
9,200 sq. ft. Fueling Canopy


LEED Silver Target

COTA McKinley Avenue CNG Facility

When Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) made the decision to change its fuel source from diesel to compressed natural gas (CNG), Richard L. Bowen + Associates was selected to lead a team to renovate the existing McKinley Avenue bus facility to provide CNG fueling capabilities. This required numerous existing-facility upgrades to facilitate code compliance, including upgraded mechanical systems, upgraded maintenance and bus storage areas, reconfigured parking areas, reconfigured bus routes and the replacement of all overhead doors. It also included the installation of a new, state-of-the-art gas detection system in the existing garage.

The CNG-specific components of the project included the construction of a new CNG fueling station and CNG facilities building. The new fueling station includes four exterior fueling dispensers within four fueling lanes and one bypass lane. These are all served by a large CNG compressing plant. COTA plans a transition of 30 buses per year, until a fleet of 150 CNG buses is assembled. The new facility opened in 2013.