COTA McKinley Facility (1/1)

Columbus, Ohio

390,000 sq. ft.


COTA McKinley Avenue Facility Assessment

Richard L. Bowen + Associates led an intensive six-week team assessment of COTA’s 390,000 SF McKinley Avenue Bus Maintenance and Storage Facility, located in Columbus, Ohio. The purpose of this complete facility assessment was to provide COTA with recommendations for renovations and improvements that will allow them to continue to function and operate out of this garage for the next thirty years.

This 90-page (11x17) assessment document addressed the following areas: Civil/Site; Architectural; Ohio Building Code; ADA Accessibility; Structural; Vehicle Equipment; Lighting & Electrical; Fire Suppression; HVAC & Plumbing; Security; Safety, Sustainability (LEED); Phasing Plan; Renovation Schedule; Opinion of Probable Costs.