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Kent, Ohio

$3 Million


PARTA CNG Facility

The Portage Area Regional Transit Authority (PARTA) recently ordered several compressed natural gas (CNG) buses, which are due to arrive in 2017. In order to accommodate these new CNG buses, PARTA needed to do two things:

Phase 1 - Renovate a portion of their existing maintenance garage to make the area code compliant for CNG buses.

Phase 2 - Construct a new CNG fueling facility to fuel PARTA buses, as well as public vehicles as well.

PARTA hired RLB+A as its CNG Design and Engineering Consultant. RLB+A’s first task was to work with PARTA and the local code officials to develop a set of plans that isolated a portion of the garage and implemented a specialized system of gas detection sensors and exhaust fans, allowing PARTA to use this portion of the garage to store and maintain the CNG buses. Phase 1 was completed in 2016.

For Phase 2, currently in design, RLB+A will prepare the schematic plans and specifications (sometimes called ‘bridging documents’) that will be used to bid the project out to Design/Build teams. Once a D/B is selected, RLB+A will continue on as the Owner’s representative throughout the final design and construction of the work.